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How to install and run multiple xampp on windows

This post was last updated on September 29th, 2023 at 03:47 am

If some of your projects do not support PHP 7.1, you can install PHP 7.2. Without removing 7.1, Your Local Server xampp, see screenshot and install multiple xampp.

1. This link click and check your recruitment xampp php version and download.


2. Start the XAMPP installation process, download the XAMPP version your needs, double-click the .exe file.

XAMPP Installation process

3. Click next step

XAMPP Installation process

3. Change your folder name(C:\xampp2)

XAMPP Installation process

4. Check your folder location two xampp folder insatll

XAMPP Installation process

5. Run new xammp see screenshort

XAMPP Installation process

6. Look at the image below and the path you will keep above is the same xampp will work.

7. Watch the video

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