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How to install bootstrap in Laravel 8

In this article, we will show you laravel 8 install bootstrap. you can see install bootstrap in laravel 8. if you have question about how to use bootstrap in laravel 8 then i will give simple example with solution.

1 Step:- Install laravel/ui

install bootstrap in your laravel 8 project then install following laravel ui composer package to get command:-

composer require laravel/ui

2 Step:- Install Bootstrap

php artisan ui bootstrap

3 Step:- Install Bootstrap 4 with auth

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

Now we installed bootstrap, see your resource directory js folder.
You also need to install npm and run it. run both command

4 Step:- Install NPM

npm install

5 Step:- Run NPM

npm run dev

can work with your bootstrap 4 app.

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